Please use this page to suggest/recommend/explore/discuss/advise on authoring software that may be used in the design of tasks.

Web authoring

There has been a recent educational development in the UK that is trying to encourage people to get back to the first principles of coding and using basic computers. This is in an attempt to re-kickstart the video games industry by making sure that there are suitably qualified graduates who are capable of doing basic programming. There has been the creation of a computer called the Raspberry-Pi, as well as self study online courses in various types of coding related to website design, but also to using these new computers.

Authoring tools/ spaces/ ways of creating exercises/ quizzes, etc

This software is mostly free, but usually with some strings attached, particularly if you want to get serious with it.

eXe -- Here is a page where you can comment on eXe and feedback. One person has already put some views, see what you think.

Hot Potatoes is a free suite of software tools originally designed for language learning, but can be used for the creation of a variety of exercise types that can be embedded into a variety of different page types, including WordPress. They are used quite widely in the world of education and can easily be embedded into VLEs like Moodle.

I found this the other day. Some free things and some you have to pay for. Too bad it can't be used on a Mac. (Jonathan Paige):
Contentgenerator This has some interesting look materials that can be linked to, I couldn't work out how to create material for free though. Perhaps someone could test this out and give us an update.

Classtools is a nice website for creating games using Flash. The site is free but has premium membership for extras, as you might expect. - an easy platform to use with kids so that they can design their own games - a step up from the above where kids can design their own xbox games

This is useful looking software: Udutu, but it is not clear whether it is free. It certainly started off that way.

Looks really fantastic: Xerte: visit the demo here / visit the website here. (Karenne Sylvester)

Opale: a French web authoring tool for education and training. The official website of Opale defines it as "an editorial program for the drafting, managing and cross-media publishing training materials for academia."