You will find that there is a Library reading list for the course unit where you can find core readings and links to both pdfs of book chapters and increasingly e-books.

A recent book chapter by Grainne Conole that lays out the theoretical background for this area rather well: appear to be open access, or was when this was first posted. In fact the whole book appears to be available online. If this link doesn't work, you can get the book online at the university website.

Levy, M. (1997) Computer-assisted language learning: Context and conceptualization. Oxford: Clarendon.

Mayes, T. and de Freitas, S. (Undated) Review of e-learning theories, frameworks and models.

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Laurillard, D. (2012) Teaching as a design science: Building pedagogical patterns for learning and technology. London: Routledge
Diane Laurillard can be seen here adapting her ideas to language teaching.