Contribution from other disciplines

It is important to remember that when we design materials, particularly for the web, but in other contexts as well, that we need to take ideas from a number of disciplines.

This collection of different subject areas listed below is adapted from Levy (1997, chapter 3) to suit a more general educational audience. The list below links to a page that should consider basic issues in the topic area and how these relate to materials developmment. The sub pages might give links to further sub pages, links either to other websites, articles, or information about key figures in the field.<

Two very useful websites help you to get a better handle on these topics are and of these give useful and up-to-date information and ideas about learning and teaching., as its name implies, is a website that focuses on the area of informal education, but in doing that cannot help but focus on more conventional forms of education at the same time.

All of these pages are a work in progress. I (Gary Motteram) would prefer that you add more information to the sub-pages and will move materials when I get a chance. Please make sure when you provide a link to a another page you make it clear where the link goes. Try to avoid saying things like: 'Here is a page I found', or 'I thought this article was useful'. Write about the ideas you add to this space in a more objective way.

(Sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences, vocational)