How will schools look in 10 years?
An interesting news report on the future of schools. Looks at the balance between the physical building, how children will learn/assimilate information and how education is delivered. A fun report to stimulate ideas and further avenues of investigation.

Our establishment is investigating what a classroom of the future will look like. The Horizon report(s) offers some insight into the technologies that will impact Higher Ed and K-12 (primary) education in the coming years.
I've found this website presenting recent articles about language learning on Smartphones and future learning.
I found a website with an arcticle talks about technology and education in the future. Technology and Education: What Will the Future Bring? by Patricia L. Hutinger

A really interesting video about the 21st century classroom. Ken Robinson Videos
These videos by Ken Robinson about changing the way we teach are inspirational and funny. They are from the TED website.

Schools kill creativity (2006)

Bring on the Learning Revolution (2010)

Changing Educational Paradigms (2010)