Example learning materials

Materials from 2013-14

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxkjf6/ This site is designed to give students support in correct referencing techniques

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxkrd2/ Here we some materials for developing spoken English skills in preparation for various examinations

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxkns3/ A set of materials giving information and ideas about the PET English exam scheme

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mintkri2/ This is a set of maths quizzes designed as supplementary materials. They are designed to work on a mobile phone

Materials from 2012-2013

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxjti2/ This is a site designed to support teachers using folk tales in class

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mbdxear2/ Some materials about festivals with the particular example here focusing on Bonfire Night in the UK (5th November)

hhttp://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mbbx6ds5/ A site about the origins of television

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxjcv5/ This material offers guidelines on applying for a course in the UK

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxjsmk/ A set of materials addressing particular language errors

Materials from 2011-2012

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxjib4/ Materials designed to help teachers understand what wikis are and use them in class (Some elements not currently working)

http://blogging.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxjsdc/ These are about Thanksgiving

http://blogging.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxjdf8/ This is about tractors and is designed for an ESP class

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mzjssjg3/ Materials aimed at leaners getting out and about in Manchester

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxjsg8/ A flipped classroom example designed for use on a mobile phone

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxjkgc/ A course in Japanese for adults

http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mewxjsy4/ Site designed to teach about AIDS, but configured for blind learners

Materials aimed at Urban Planners This is set of English for Specific Purposes materials. The student who produced this moved her materials off on to her own site.

http://intro.elearning.ee/ One of the students from 2009 who is using a blog for a variety of purposes as well as for teaching and learning

http://lte.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/examples/Bown/ Listening skills for students on a Foundation course -- this is a web page, not a blog